When people are cornered they sacrifice, Harare Demo-Riots EXCLUSIVE

Even in Zanu PF people are saying the problem is Mugabe

Chad Mabhena|ZimNews.net

There was pandemonium in Harare as suspected MDC youths tried to burn down Choppies supermarket in Harare, at Joina City, allegedly owned by vice President Pelekezela Mphoko, Police were seen  all over the place firing teargas missiles, beating bystanders, barricading streets while youths fought back with stones and catapults.

zbc car set on fire, HARARE burning

A ZRP Police bus, car and ZBC van were set on fire when police lost control of the situation.

As police and protesters now turned sworn enemies, bored Zimbabweans are seeking alternative ways to vent their displeasure about the current situation.

Yesterday, another form of demonstration was born in the city of Bulawayo, the country’s second largest, when unknown people vandalised all sing posts bearing President Robert Mugabe’s name sign, alternatively renaming them Devolution Way.

This is widely believed to have been perpetrated by people among those who are advocating for the decentralisation of power through devolution, the idea that Mugabe is not willing to hear about. The opposition parties in Zimbabwe are calling it, saying current setup in giving the president too much power.

When a series of protests engulfed Zimbabwe in July this year, it took Zanu PF by surprise, and a third force of South African nature was suspected, the astonished government went as far as announcing that it was going to institute an inquiry into the matter.

Minister Kembo Mohadi  (state security) and Beitbridge MP said the government was concerned by the manner in which the protests happened. “These criminals are not from Beitbridge. Since time immemorial, that’s not how we solved grievances in town. We suspect a third hand was involved,” he told state run weekly (The Sunday Mail) at the time.

A mount Darwin based social commentator, Elder Mabhunu (68) who was also a staunch President Mugabe admirer and Zanu PF supporter  says when people’s suffering is stretched to its maximum, they tend to sacrifice.

“I think the minister was both correct and wrong about the issue of a third hand in the protests, and for saying Zimbabweans were never known for protests. Even a lizard, when it is cornered, it can attempt to bite in self defence.”

“He was wrong in thinking that only an external force was the driving behind the protests, and he was right in that Zimbabweans were never known for resorting to demonstrations when faced with pressing issues. This is true,” he said.

He added that citizens have been suffering for decades, as a result of the economic downturn, people did not resort to protests, because they knew that violence is never a solution but retrogressive.

Political analyst, Dr Pedzisai Ruhanya says what people are seeing today is a reflection of the changing political economy of the state marked monumental informalisation of the economy, and because of that, despite the poverty people have understood and underlined the issue of livelihood, how to survive.

“People are making sacrifices because of the economic hardships caused by President Mugabe and his cabal. It is what we call interest aggregations where even in Zanu PF itself people are saying the problem is Mugabe.

“You see poverty everywhere you go because of this, it affects everyone and that people have underlined the need of food, school fees, etc, but, when the state behaves as it is doing right now citizens revolt and that is what people are doing. A hungry man is an angry man. This why even the communiqué by war vets tried to address the same issue of livelihoods,” he said. ZimNewsNet