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This morning Zimnews.net received many messages from concerned citizens over the health of MDC President Mr Morgan Tsvangirai. Some people wanted to know if he is really dead ...
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A notorious prophet from Govere Village under headman Kwenda, Chief Neshangwe in Sadza District has appeared in court after he allegedly raped and infected a form four whizkid ...
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A nurse is in trouble after she was caught taking pictures of her friend’s love rival while the small house was in labour, about to deliver. Tsitsi Nyandoro ...
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Top Zimbabwe musician, Sulumani ‘Sulu’ Chimbetu who is known for performing at Zanu PF rallies and gatherings  and is believed to be a supporter of president Mugabe and ...
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Photos, another dictatorship has fallen in Africa as Yahya Jammeh departs in style Today, former Gambian leader Yahya Jammeh arrived at the airport amid a large convoy of ...
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African Nations Cup of Nations(Afcon 2017) Latest Tables and Results Below are the results and table for matches played so far at Gabon 2017, Africa Cup of nations. ...
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kasukuwere mnangagwa fight mugabe
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Charles Mabhena ZANU PF national political commissar, Saviour Kasukuwere has just confessed that his party has already secured the badly needed Bikita West seat through vote buying antics. ...
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Charles Mabhena The United Nations and SADC region have been urged to take similar action on Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe described as one of the world “Demagogue” for actions ...
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Mugabe statement reaction to gambia yahyah jameh
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It never rains but pours for the soon to depart Gambian dictator, it was reported yesterday night that Yahya Jammeh has dissolved his cabinet following mass resignations and ...
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President Robert Mugabe’s family has been exposed once again in the on going Dubai diamond ring scandal. This comes at a time when thousands of families are in ...
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