Zhombe man tries sex in Kombi, bashed after woman screams


Shakespeare Muzavazi

In a suspected money making ritual, Zhombe villagers were recently left mouths agape when a man ran berserk and started getting sexual gratification through self-stimulation (masturbation) in a commuter omnibus while in transit.

Willard Mbehle (32) of Dendera village under Chief Malisa started the bewildering act after a woman sat beside him at the back seat of the commuter omnibus.

In a telephone interview with this reporter, Valerie Hlangamanhla, the woman who witnessed the shocking  incident said that the man started masturbat!ng when a woman sat beside him in the kombi, she screamed in fear and alerted other passengers who instantly pulled the man out of the Kombi and started bashing him”

Hlangamanhla said “when the mob started bashing him, he started to confess that he was advised by a Sangoma from South Africa to masturbate in the public as this will result in him having a booming business.

Another reliable source speaking to this reporter aired the same sentiment that, Mbehle went to South Africa to engage in a money making ritual and was wrongly advised by the Sangoma.

“His brother referred him to a South African Sangoma last week to seek spiritual intervention on how to spruce up his economic wellbeing, and the Sangoma wrongly advised him to firstly masturbate in a commuter omnibus as this ritual would allow him to own kombis, he also advised Willard to dress in a funny way so that people will make fun of him and money would trickle into his business,” said the source.

This reporter probed further to find information about money making rituals from an expert traditional healer SekuruTshalaga who is also an affiliate of ZINATHA (Zimbabwe National Traditional Healers Association).

SekuruTshalaga said this man was duped by theSangoma, in the realms of money making spirituality everything must be done in secret not in public, The Sangoma saw that the man desperately wanted to make money and tricked him by advising him to do this shameful act.

“Mostly in money making ritual people usually use their relatives or other people to do the dirty work, maybe this man was used by the Sangoma to fulfil the ritual expectations of another client,” said Tshalaga laughing.

In his last remarks Sekuru Tshalaga advised the society not to use evil methods of making money because whatever comes out of money making rituals has some spiritual repercussions either to the individual or family members.