Zesa customers stranded, as pre-paid token systems are down

Charles Mabhena

There was a long queue at the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) offices along Wayne Street in Harare yesterday.

Customers on pre-paid electricity system were stranded as systems were down at the only office in the city selling out power using ZESA tokens.

People who spoke to ZimNews.net told our reporters that the authority was only accepting a few selected bank cards, with the rest having to pay cash.

Garry Mude, a customer has this to say; “I have been here since morning, and starving from hunger too. We have been told that the machines are down, and advised to pay cash instead.

“As you are aware, where can one get the cash with this entire cash crisis prevailing in the country?”

Shyline Phiri another stranded customer shared the same sentiments; “This is terrible, I didn’t know things can be this bad. They preach of embracing plastic money, we have it in our cards, but we can’t use it again. My bank card has been rejected, as they are selective,” she says.

Meanwhile, as the country’s economic crisis deepens, queues have been a common sight from banks, money transfer agencies, and many others. The cash crisis has even affected a chain of other services delivery issues, with even hospitals failing to get much needed and critical medicines, while the business community is not spared; failing to pay for raw materials and secure better terms on imports.

While the ZESA officials could not be reached for comment, a lot have been previously said concerning the system, with allegations of tender processes irregularities also have been thrown into the ring.