Circumcised organ nails Zanu PF rapist in court

Rape victim identifies ZanuPF official's circumcised pen1s in court

Rape victim describes ZanuPF official’s manhood in Gweru court

Shakespeare Muzavazi

In a bid to convince the court beyond any shadow of doubt that she was raped, a rape victim in Gweru told the Magistrate that she knew that her abuser’s joystick was circumcised.

Zanu PF central committee member Savisai Piki(46) nearly jumped out of his skin with shock when a woman he allegedly raped told the court that his organ was circumcised.

The 18 year old complainant disarmed Piki and sent the court into stitches when she retorted to her abuser, ‘you have a circumcised organ’.

Piki who did not refute the physical appearance of his manhood could only say that the complainant gave such evidence because she knew that many men were getting circumcised these days.

The complainant described Piki’s organ after Magistrate Musaiona Shotgame gave the accused a chance to ask questions to the complainant and prove he committed the offence.

This came after Piki had told the complainant that she had no evidence that he raped her.

It is in the states case that sometime in January 2015 Piki raped the complainant who happens to be his relative.

After the incident Piki’s wife asked the complaint to clean her room therefore destroying the evidence.

Allegations are that Piki solicited for sex from his relative because he was looking after her.

Piki allegedly said he wanted his share from the complainant before she got married to another man.

The accused had sexual intercourse with the complaint once forcibly without her consent.

The complainant revealed the alleged rape to her sister who confided in the complainant not to tell anyone about the mater.

The complainant became suicidal and disclosed the alleged rape leading to Piki’s arrest.

Case continues…zimnews