Wife ditched after son beds teen lover

Tinashe Zisengwe

In a story that sounds more like an African movie script, a Lalapanzi man is reported to have divorced his wife on reasoning that his step son had raped a minor.

The court heard that Nomsa Sibanda’s husband ditched her soon after her son Wellington Sibanda (19) was arrested for having sexual intercourse with a minor, however the court proved beyond doubt that the two had agreed on the act.

Nomsa (38) said that immediately after the arrest of her son, her husband abandoned her because of that matter and she had no other better option than to comply.

“My husband ditched me for the simple reason that my son had raped,” she said.

She further went on to plead for her son’s release saying that he was now the only one left who can look after her as she is sick.

Wellington appearing before Gweru Magistrate Morgan Nemadire pleaded guilty to the offense and was however sentenced upon his own plea.

Meanwhile, the court heard that on 13 April 2016 Wellington unlawfully had consensual sexual intercourse with a minor (13).

In passing sentence Magistrate Nemadire slapped Wellington with 3 years in prison which were wholly suspended on the bases that he works for 420 hours community service since the two had agreed to have sex.