Uncle rapes niece using maize cob as bait

Tinashe Zisengwe

Emotions were left high recently as a mother listened to the tale of how her blood brother raped her four year old daughter in what appeared to be a ritual practise.

The man, (who cannot be named to protect the image of the toddler) is unemployed and a very traditional person.

Allegations are that the accused would from time to time visit traditional sangomas seeking counsel for his misfortunes.

According to unconfirmed reports the child molester was   left in custody of the minor while her sister went to town on 6 March this year.

He then used a maize cob lure the minor into getting inside a round hut and undressing.

The source alleged that after minor undressed he then laid her on a goat skin (dehwe).

“Tatenda (not real name) has always been a traditional person. Even the way he raped the child bears testimony to this.

He placed three clay pots with burning incense in them and performed a small ritual ceremony sprinkling water on the naked minor. He called upon spirits reciting traditional poems (detembo). After a while he then forcibly penetrated the minor,” alleged the source.

After raping her once, Tatenda then gave the four year old another maize cob and threatened to beat her if she tells anyone of what transpired.

The source further alleged that when the infant’s mother got home, she saw that her child was having difficulties in walking.

She asked the child what the problem was but the child was afraid of speaking out.

“Thus when the mother drew a leather belt and threatened to beat her. It was only until then that the minor narrated to her mother all that had happened,” she added.

A police report was then made leading to the arrest of the, suspect while the minor was medically examined.

Inspector Daniel Mutamba has since confirmed the arrest of the heartless suspect.

He however could not further comment as the matter is now at the judiciary courts.

“I can only confirm the arrest of the suspect but as police we are not allowed to comment on matters that would have been taken to the judiciary,” he said.