Tino Katsande dumped by husband, Man in video tape threatens Virimai Chigariro

Tino Katsande of the infamous bedroom video tape has been dumbed by Virimai Chigariro who happened to be the father to Tin Tin’s child.

Chigariro opened up to reporters revealing dirty and damaging secrets about the former studio 263 actor Tinopona Katsande.

Among other things he told reporters that the two have been living in very difficulty situations often relying on relatives and friends to survive.

Matters came to a head last week when Tino left Chigariro at home while she was in in company of three male friends one of which is believed to be the unidentified man in the sex video.

The men returned later to their place and promised Chigariro a thorough beating if he ever bothered Katsande.

Tino was never married to Chigariro.

“The whole marriage debacle was just a stunt meant to protect her reputation since she was carrying a child,I never paid any lobola or even tsvakirai kuno for Tin Tin,” said Chigariro.

Chigariro, a part-time music teacher, says he was not only the breadwinner but was also responsible for cooking and household chores.

As of now the two have gone separate ways and Tino Katsande refused to speak to our reporters when asked top comment on the matter.