Shurugwi workers threaten price hike

Shakespeare Muzavazi

In a development that is going to cause a lot of commotion to those who live a life of debauchery, Shurugwi commercial sex workers have threatened to hike the prices of their services.

The thigh vendors who were offering their short time service for $US5 have proposed to sky rocket it to $8 and the whole night service which was pegged at $20 would now fly to $30

In an exclusive interview with this reporter, Grand hotel and Number 11 brothel group leaders confirmed the price hike development.

“We as the Grand Hotel prostitute brothel have proposed to increase our service prices from $5 for short time to $US8 and from $US20 for the whole night to $US30.

“Our business is too risky to earn a meager income, each and every day we risk contracting HIV and AIDS hence we should earn a lot of money, in our business we are not insured neither do we have pensions hence we should better our lives whilst we are still attractive and healthy,” said Winey Tshuma (not her real name) a group leader at Grand hotel brothel.

Number 11 brothel group leader Shayne Ncube(not her real name)argued that Artisanal miners who are 95% of their customers are now earning a lot since fidelity printers has raised the price of gold  hence they should also raise the cost of their thigh services.

“The list of our potential customers comprise of Artisanal miners who are now earning thousands from fidelity printers in conjunction with the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe who are buying gold at exorbitant prices.

“As commercial sex workers we want our children to attain quality education and have a good life hence we have to raise our prices to meet the demands of our families, this profession of ours has no security if get sick no one will take care of our families, this is the reason why we should make money before we expire in the industry, Shayne vehemently emphasized.

The commercial sex service hike comes when most Artisanal miners are earning thousands from gold mining and the Reserve Bank initiative to sponsor small scale miners.