Masvingo sex workers stampede for student IDs

Fungayi Moyana

The decrease in demand and customers for Masvingo sex workers has caused a new ‘gold rush’ in which sex workers pay exorbitant prices to buy student IDs from The Great Zimbabwe University.

Their customers mostly men now prefer university students as they are regarded as young, beautiful  classy and clever.

Nomsa Mukoto a thigh vendor said,’’business has been very low since university students came and the only way to lure our clients is to masquerade as students by dressing skimpy and wearing a student’s ID around your neck’’.

There is a massive demand for expired Great Zimbabwe student IDs among sex workers and they move around the University’s transport pick up points.

University students are preferred by sugar daddies as they are considered to be safer than seasoned sex workers.

Princess Mubvakure a female  GZU student said,’’many students are making extra cash through selling expired student IDs and they charge as high as $US50’’.

These ladies roam around Rekayi Tangwena Avenue in Masvingo impostering as University  students.

With many students staying in Mucheke residential areas it has made life easy for the sex peddlers to get access to student IDs.