Thigh vendor jailed for stabbing ‘rapist’

Shakespeare Muzavazi
A Shurugwi commercial sex worker left the court in stitches after she stabbed her long-time customer for unpaid sexual service.
Natasha Mtandavari (18) appeared before Shurugwi resident Magistrate Sangster Tavengwa for contravening section (89) 1) of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act Chapter 9 :23.

Prosecuting, Bertha Bore told the court, that on the 14 June 2017 at around 22:00 hrs Natasha Mtandavari met Archiford Ncube her long customer at Mzansi night club, Mtandavari asked Ncube to buy her a pint as a way of recovering money for her unpaid service but the complainant told her that he had no money however, the complainant’s uncle ended up giving the accused a $2 note.

All hell broke loose when the complainant went outside the bar to light his cigarette; the accused followed him and stabbed him once on the right side of the chest, according to a medical report shown as evidence in court, Ncube incurred a 15cm cut from the stab.

As her defence in court, Mtandavari argued that she committed the crime in self defence since the complainant had raped her.
Witnesses to the incident claim that, the accused was never raped; it’s only that she was not paid after providing a sexual service and was trying to use rape as a scapegoat for her crime.

“Mtandavari had a longstanding grudge with Ncube who once had sex with her and failed to pay for the service hence leading to her committing the crime,” said the witness.

Sentencing, Magistrate Tavengwa slapped Mtandavari with a 12 months effective prison sentence and advised her to find another profession other than roving the streets scavenging for men.