Thigh vendor dumps baby in blair toilet

Shakespeare Muzavazi

In an incident that has left Mberengwa villagers tears on toes, a commercial sex worker threw her newly born baby into a blair toilet and left her to die

Adren Nyoni from Gwamasaka village under chief Maziofa dumped her newly born baby girl in a communal toilet, the baby who was later retrieved died upon admission at Mberengwa District Hospital.

Mberengwa District Medical Superintendent, doctor Gabriel Ndagurwa confirmed the incident.

He chronicled that villagers had to dismantle the toilet floor in a bid to save the baby who was already suffocating in the excreta; unfortunately the baby could not survive as she died upon admission at Mberengwa Hospital.

A witness to the heinous act, Tsisti Zhou said she heard a baby crying from the pit when she was using the toilet and called other villagers to the scene.

“It was around 7 am in the morning when I went to the ablution facility and found a baby crying from the pit.Villagers gathered, they managed to destroy the toilet floor so as to extract the baby”, she said.

As fate would have, police were called to the scene, they traced blood drops from the toilet to the backyard of a shop where they found Nyoni in after birth agony, she confessed to giving birth and dumping the baby in the toilet.

Midlands Police spokesperson Inspector Joel Goko confirmed the incident.

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