Latest Details: Why a ‘Dying Mugabe’ Escaped To Dubai

Zimbabwe’s Mugabe outfoxes SADC leaders, Again!

Charles  Mabhena

Zimbabwean President, Robert Mugabe has recently outwitted Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) Summit held in Swaziland, when he just showed up his face and allegedly disappeared to Dubai- a social commentator says.

When the 92 year old leader left the meeting in huff, the move sparked speculations with many saying it was because of his ailing health, in some quarters the death of the leader was also feared.

In an interview with Zim News, a mount Darwin based social commentator, Elder Mabhunu says Mugabe outsmarted the region’s policy making institution in Swaziland where the country’s crisis could not have circumvented the radar. His comments come in the wake that few days before the summit, there were violent public disturbances in the country, with civil society groups putting pressure on the regional grouping, calling for the tabling of the Zimbabwean situation on the regional block’s meeting agenda.

“He knew that the state of the affairs back home warranted the regional body to deliberate on the issue. So he decided to only show up his face and then he disappeared to avoid having had to explain on the crisis,” says Mabhunu.

On arrival back home the president jokingly told reporters that he was dead and had resurrected. Mugabe confirmed that he had indeed gone to Dubai, but, for family matters not for medical attention as was reported in some sections of the media. “I had gone to Dubai on a family matter concerning one of my children,” he told reporters.

Mabhunu says the explanations that the Head of State left the summit not because of his health condition which was reported to be critical, then he could have deliberately made such a move to avoid being interrogated about the situation in his country.

Mugabe had previously evaded being cornered concerning the deteriorating economy and alleged human rights abuses after most of the region’s meetings did not put his country on the agendas. In November 2010, a special summit on Zimbabwe failed to take off in Botswana after the leaders of SADC Troika on Politics Security and Defence were not all present at the Extra-Ordinary Summit.

In June this year, he attended a double SADC Troika meeting in Gaborone Botswana, where again Zimbabwe was not on agenda, despite calls from civic organisations to have it tabled. Instead, the troika’s focus was on political instability in Lesotho then.

The ZANU PF government is happy that the summit in Swaziland did not put Zimbabwe on its agenda. The meeting pursued the regional industrialisation agenda that was put in motion by Mugabe who was the chairperson in August 2014 to August 2015.

Secretary of Foreign Affairs Ambassador Joey Bimha told the state run newspaper (The Herald) recently that regional body followed procedures and would never waste time on items brought irrationally. He was referring to the calls made by civil organisations and opposition parties of having Zimbabwe tabled on the Swaziland summit.

“The agenda of SADC is formulated by the chairperson in consultation with the secretariat,” he told the paper.