Strange Gokwe news: Wife harvests hubby’s sperms to feed goblins

File pic: Cotton farmer in Gokwe

Tinashe Zisengwe

A Gokwe woman under chief Chireya left the whole village gasping for more oxygen after a traditional healer made stunning revelations that she was feeding her husband’s sperms to goblins, Zim News .net can exclusively reveal.

Angeline Tsambatare (37) exuded her evil traits when she sacrificed Chokowa Tsambatare (52) sperms as the staple meal for her goblins.

The suspected case of witchcraft became crystal pellucid when Angeline’s spiritual sons tried to change their daily meal by tormenting a nine year old child from the neighbouring homestead.

In an exclusive interview with this reporter, the father to the tormented child Wilson Mundomeka chronicled all the events that led to the exposure of Angeline’s evil actions.

“I was in the field when I heard my daughter crying that she was being beaten, but to my surprise I didn’t see anything but only see marks of handclaps left on the whole body of my daughter, after visiting a traditional healer to exorcise the tormenting spirit, we heard voices complaining that they were starving whilst my family is feasting.”

The goblins complained that their mother Angeline was failing to provide them with food and the only meal she could provide was her husband’s sperms which they drank at night while he was asleep,” he said

After seeking counsel with the N’anga Mundomeka angrily confronted Angeline to undo her witchcraft acts on his daughter but she clearly stated that the situation was beyond her control as the goblins were now tormenting her as well by demanding blood of her neighbour’s child as they claimed to have tasted her urine in the toilet where they were staying.

“It was not my intention to hurt your daughter, its only that the goblins are now demanding blood as they are tired of my husband’s sperms and they now want something delicious.”

“This is now affecting me as well, I am sexually starved my husband cannot perform in bed because of the sacrifice I made and to make matters worse I am still struggling to make a living. These things are busy making demands but not producing anything for me, said ashamed Tsambatare.

The N’anga that had exorcised the goblins which were tormenting Mundomeka’s child was later called at Angeline’s house, the traditional healer found a tortoise with  beads on its neck which was believed to have six goblins in it , tortoise was burnt and both the daughter and Tsambatare were saved.