SHOCKING! Teacher’s wife brags about sex with prophet..images

In an incident that left Domboshava community in shock, a local teacher’s wife is publicly dating a Madzibaba prophet-cum- gynecologist  and she says he is exceptionally good at something that her husband has failed to do in their seven years of marriage.

Violet Choto (24), wife to Jeremiah Mutapiri (38), told reporters that she stole the heart of prophet Madzibaba Ishmael King David Zindonda (24), whom she claims to be in relationship with since when she first used his services in 2015.

The prophet is reportedly healing her miscarriages problems.

Speaking about the affair, Violet made it clear that she loves both men though she feels the prophet is a better bedroom practitioner..“murume wangu namadzibaba ndinovada vose. Asi madzibaba anoita, ari pamberi, ” she said.

Violet narrated that she decided to be involved with the prophet upon realising that her husband was not good enough, sexually.

After putting up with what she calls ‘laziness and bedroom incompetence’ of her husband for about five years, Violet finally made a decision to date the prophet and she claims that the two of them have been sleeping together at her matrimonial when her husband is away; and they do not use any protection.

She says her husband does not listen to her advice so he leaves her unsatisfied, hence her decision to engage the prophet whom she says is a better performer than her husband Mutapiri.


“Takaroorana nemurume wangu mumwedzi waSeptember 2010. Ndakazoita boyfriend iyi mugore ra2015 munaNovember nekuti murume wangu haagone. Ndikamutaurira kuti hatiitei zvakati haadi, asi madzibaba ava vanogona saka handigone kuvasiya.

“Asi murume wangu ndinomuda. Namadzibaba tinoita tisina dziviriro, takatogumisira musi wa15 April wadarika mumba medu apo murume wangu aiva asipo,” said Violet.

The prophet was reportedly sleeping at the teacher’s house last month while while violet’s husband was away in Gutu harvesting crops.

While Prophet Zindonda does not seem to care about the issue, Violet’s husband nearly fainted when he was informed about his wife’s liaisons with Madzibaba.

He told reporters that his wife usually requests to sleep at the prophet’s shrine every time she visits for prayers. She would then return home and refuse to be intimate with him complaining that she was tired.

Mutapiri who is still living with his wife warned the two timing prophet to expect fireworks  if he ever hears that he was sleeping with his wife again.

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