Strange …Shurugwi goat eats live chickens

Shakespeare Muzavazi

Shurugwi villagers under Chief Banga nearly jumped out of their skins with fear, when a goat ran amok and started to eat live chickens in the vicinity.

An impeccable source from Mhiri village under Chief Banga who chronicled these strange happenings to this reporter said, villagers in area supposedly lost their chickens to a weird goat which pounced on their homesteads eating the chickens alive, much to their amazement

“We strangely lost our chickens for quite some time, until a day when the goat ran out of luck and was spotted by an inhabitant dining on a live chicken in the early hours of the day, he said”.

These strange happenings are reported to have taken place for almost a month after the goat was seen devouring the village poultry; people from the community were hesitant to kill the goat as they suspected acts of witchcraft.

A self-styled prophet known as Booster or Ngwenya is believed to have come to the people’s rescue after being begged by local traditional leaders to help them get rid of the dreadful goat.

Chief Banga has since confirmed the mystery and said he is still in shock with the strange happenings as this is the first case of such kind to have been reported in his area