Sex worker beds form 2 boy, flees police

An unrepented sex worker popularly known as Chicken has gone on the run after learning that police are hunting for her in connection with a case involving sexual abuse of a fourteen-year-old boy.

Tendai Sibanda, who resides in J Extension, Chivhu, is suspected of having slept with the minor, who is doing Form Two, several times in the past three months.

She allegedly had sex with the minor, who is her neighbour; even though she knew that he was underage.

The boy’s mother told reporters that she was disappointed that the person she trusted had abused her son.

“As the mother, I was hurt so much. A person who was that close to us, a neighbour doing such things to my son, it’s heart-breaking. I am also disappointed that she has not yet been caught despite our efforts to help the police in every way we could,” she said.

The sex worker’s mother is said to have once caught the two in a compromising position and warned her daughter to stop her liaisons with the minor but the two would again sneak around and have a ‘good’ time together.

The sex worker, however, fled the area as soon as she heard that the police were hot on her heels