Sex extortion bid backfires

chiredzi woman caught having sex with husband in prison pictures and video evidence in caught

by Shakespeare Muzavazi

An extortion bid heavily backfired for a Shurugwi man who demanded two beasts after he caught his neighbour having sex with another villager’s wife.

Munyaradzi Zimbuku (30) of Chironde village under chief Nhema appeared before Shurugwi magistrate Sangster Tavengwa for stock theft as defined in section 114 of the Criminal Law (codification and reform) Act.

Prosecuting, Pride Gomera told the court that, on the 3rd of May this year at around 20:00 hrs, the accused (Munyaradzi Zimbuku) went to Evidence Tahwa’s kraal and took two beasts without his consent.

On the 4th of the same month Zimbuku killed one of the two beasts without police clearance or the Village headman’s consent and sold the meat to other villagers, this raised eyebrows within the village leading to the instant incarceration of the accused.

The complainant told the court that Zimbuku stole his cattle and he spent time looking for them until the police found the accused illegally selling beef.

My cattle were stolen at night on the 3rd of May, I searched for them but to no avail, I was puzzled to hear the news that Zimbuku had been arrested for slaughtering one of my beasts.

In his defense Zimbuku told the court that he was given the cattle after they had a gentleman’s, agreement with the complainant.

I did not steal the beasts; Tahwa gave them to me as a bribe (Vharamuromo) after I caught him having sex with Laiton Mazambara’s wife, he even gave me $200, 00 on top of the cows, he begged me to conceal his secret.

Your worship I am even perplexed to stand before this court with Tahwa accusing me of stock theft, he gave me the cattle as a bribe. I did not steal them as the complainant is indicating.

However the Magistrate Tavengwa would not buy Zimbuku’s version of the story, the accused had no documentation that would act as evidence that there was change of ownership to the beasts, as if that was not enough there was no witness to the gentlemen’s agreement that the accused purported to have had with the complainant, moreover extortion is criminalized in section 133 of the of the Criminal Law (codification and reform) Act.

Magistrate Tavengwa remanded Zimbuku in custody for sentencing on the 7th of June 2017.

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