Severe drought hits Chirumhanzu

Tinashe Zisengwe

Chirumhanzu residents have been highly affected by the floods which were faced country-wide resulting in drought.

Hunger is stalking the villager hence the Chief has decided to resort to the Zunde RaMambo project.

The children have now turned into “food gatherers” as they spend time searching and collecting wild fruits.

Lifestyles have taken a plunge with most households struggling to provide a single decent meal per day for the children.

In an interview, Chief Francis Takayindisa Chaka told the Chronicle that as a result of drought cases, they have decided to resort to the Zunde RaMambo a development that is expected to alleviate hunger in the rural community in line with Government’s economic blueprint, ZIM-Asset.

“As Chirumhanzu district, we have decided to start on the Sound RaMambo project in which I presume it will help people around this area in times of drought.

This takes us back when this practice was a great benefit in the pre-colonial era hence the community benefiting from it.

The Zunde RaMambo project will then help us a community since most of the parts here in Chirumhanzu are dry.

The youth as well are supposed to start projects in boosting this project.

Our intention is to come up with food reserves in the community to avoid starvation. It is in line with the Food and Nutrition cluster of ZIM-Asset and we are simply playing our part as Chirumhanzu community.

This must cascade to all villages under Chief Chaka and each village should have its own food reserves. If the need arises, the headmen will come to me for authority to release food to those in need,” said Chief Chaka.