Robert Mugabe jnr ventures into t-shirt business

Robert Mugabe Jnr, the second born of Zimbabwe’s former President Robert Mugabe, has launched a high-end clothing label xGx which he hopes will be competitive on the international scene.

The label has so far done black T-shirts for both men and women. The men’s T-shirts are worth $300 with those for women going for $250.

The 25-year-old, who is known for wild partying, did exactly that to celebrate the launch.

Robert Jnr shared pictures of his celebrations on his social media pages.

On Instagram, where he goes by the moniker Gushungo, declared his optimism for the future.

“God bless the hustle #prosperity…. manifest dreams, keep it 100 percent, meditate, #xGx #Godwork,” he wrote in a thread on his Instagram page.

In response to a comment on one of his friend’s profile, Robert Jnr wrote “only the beginning.”


Mugabe’s son, who is known for his passion for basketball, added that he was taking personal orders. It seems fashion runs in their blood. His mother is a designer of sorts. The former first lady designed the Zanu PF fabric which was launched at the party’s annual conference in Masvingo last year.

The former first lady, who earned the nickname “Gucci Grace” because of her expensive fashion tastes, has always prided herself as a designer and fashionista, with her husband bragging that she even makes her own clothes. daily news