Zimbabwe parliament debates Maziwisa is gay statement

Charles Mabhena

The Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe is on record saying he doesn’t entertain gay rights in his country he even labelled them worse than pigs and dogs.

For Mugabe it’s like being a hypocrite, who seems to fear a lizard while having a snake in his waist. Mugabe himself seems to be leading the team of gays.

Previously there had been reports that former president Canaan Banana used to sodomise males, then came reports that former vice president John Nkomo was gay, not to mention the Minister of Higher Education Jonathan Moyo who was said to be one too.

In time not too far away, Minister of Local Government, Saviour Kasukuwere was labelled a gay, at one time Norton MP Temba Mliswa told the media that Kasukuwere was indeed gay, who he claimed at one point tried to solicit for sexual favour from him.

Like chickens coming home to roost, the gays have now come to parliament.

Hon Prosper Mutseyami on 15 March (yesterday) allegedly revealed that ZANU PF top official and MP for Highfield West Psychology Maziwisa is gay. It happened during the question and answer session in parliament, he is alleged to have said so during inaudible interjections, but Buhera MP Joseph Chinotimba told the House that he heard him saying so.  

“On a point of Order, when Hon Maziwisa was speaking, the members on the left were saying that Maziwisa is gay.

“It was Hon Mutseyami and we want him to withdraw that statement,” Chinotimba told the House.

The Speaker of the House Jacob Mudenda then advised the members that in accordance with the Standing Orders of the House they should desist from name calling, before turning to Hon Mutseyami; “If you have indeed said that, please withdraw.”

Hon Mutseyami denied making that statement and proposed that an audio recording be checked.

It was said where there is smoke there is fire, some analysts believe that the allegations being made were too much to be rubbished as unfounded.

Social commentator Elder Mabhunu says it could be true that some of Mugabe’s top guys and ministers are gay.

“If the incidences were one or two we can say it is unfounded, but this is just too much, and at times the allegations are being made by different people altogether. I fear to say this; ZANU PF could be a bunch of gays, Mugabe could be feasting with them knowingly,” he said.