Prof Moyo quizzed by Mnangagwa, in u-turn on command agricultre claims Political Reporter

Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education Science Development Jonathan Moyo has made a summersault, claiming he had not attacked command agriculture.

This was in response to a leading story by a local weekly (The Sunday Mail) that he was a beneficiary of the command agriculture program which he was attacking.

In a press statement today Moyo said he was quizzed by Mnangagwa as to why he was criticising the program that he had benefited from, as seen by the good crop he has at his farm in Mazoe.

“I advised the Honourable VP that I had not attacked command agriculture anywhere, but, that in my first hand knowledge in light of my family’s farming experience and the harsh experience of other farmers.

“I had questioned the shockingly politicised and personalised misrepresentation and exaggeration of command agriculture by the Herald, Chronicles, Sunday Mail, and Sunday News,” he said.

Moyo went on to say that he was only trying to correct misrepresentation on command agriculture like that ‘command agriculture was a $500 million supporting maize production under 400 ha, poised to yield some 3 million tone.

“I stand by what I said about the unanswered and very serious questions about the poor implementation of the command agriculture and about the folly public media lies that the government has adopted the command economy. No amount of vilification will intimidate me to move from the truth to lies,” he added.

However,  Moyo had once said VP Mnangagwa was being overzealous in the claim that the program was expected to beat forecasted 2 million tonnes by more than 1 million tonnes, which he said could be unnecessarily false.

“The report by The Herald (Mnangagwa) that Command Agriculture exceeds target is at best premature and at worst needlessly false,” he tweeted then, as he highlighted Mnangagwa’s exact claims in the report that more than 3 million tonnes are now expected.