Mutsvangwa in Mutare sex storm, He undresses, Threatens women with his male organ

Chris Mutsvangwa, wife, on holiday

Neville Mutsvangwa, son to War Vets boss, Chris, escaped rape charges last month only to find himself deep in another sex scandal, this time in Mutare.

A Mutare judge was told yesterday that Mutsvangwa and his latest victim,  Michelle Tserai, travelled to Vumba where they booked at Forest Hill Hotel last Friday, together with the complainant’s cousin, Thandeka Shumba.

It was alleged that Mutsvangwa and Tserai slept on the bed, while Shumba slept on the floor.

“On October 29 and at around midday, while Tserai and Shumba were bathing in an en suite bathroom, Mutsvangwa peeped through the partially closed door while the two were naked. The two caught him in the act,” said Mr Karombe.

On the same day, Mutsvangwa is alleged to have pulled out his private part and threatened to use it on Tserai and Shumba who then excused themselves to go and look for alternative accommodation.

It was further alleged that when they came back to collect their bags after having found alternative accommodation at around 7.30pm, Mutsvangwa was already asleep.

Shumba collected the bags and went outside, leaving Tserai to wake Mutsvangwa up and tell him that they were moving out because he had ‘pointed his weapon’ at them.

Mutsvangwa then woke up, and begged Tserai to have sex with him, but she turned down his advances, resulting in him becoming violent and thereby grabbing her, removing her panties and tearing off her T-shirt.

He then assaulted her several times all over her body.

Tserai was rescued allegedly later rescued by fellow strangers at the hotel.