Mutsvangwa fakes rape to attract divorce

Tinashe Zisengwe

A WOMAN who was sex starved for more than 20 years and decided to make a false rape case to the police as part of plans to annoy her husband so that she would be dumped has been arraigned to the courts.

Prosecuting Talent Tadenyika told court that Magrate Mutsvangwa from Mucheke in Masvingo made a false report to Zvishavane Police Station recently alleging that she was raped by four men in a Fun Cargo along Zvishavane- Mbalabala road.

The accused pleaded guilty.

When asked by Magistrate Shepherd Mjanja why she lied to the police, the accused said it was her plan so that maybe her husband might divorce her since she never enjoyed their marriage a single day.

“I am in marriage for 20 years but for all these years l did not reach 0rgasm. My husband’s organ does not erect, he just forces it into me and yet it is irritating me.

“We approached many prophets for help but there is no change. We both informed our parents about the problem but they did not help us, instead, they just kept quiet about it and we now have three children.

“Sometimes l thinks of committing suicide because the situation is depressing me. If l tell him about divorce, he disagrees on the basis that we have children; so we must upkeep them staying together.

“When l made a false report of being raped by four men, l thought maybe he would then come to his senses and agree to divorce but instead, he chose to sympathize with me,” said Mutsvangwa.  

The matter was remanded for a later date for continuation of trial.