Mum helps HIV boyfriend to rape own daughters

Tinashe Zisengwe

Shocking!A heartless Victoria Falls woman recently pulled a shocker after it emerged that she tried to protect her HIV infected live-in boyfriend who had raped her daughters instead blaming a neighbor.

According to a police report on the case, the boyfriend who resides in Chinotimba High Density Suburb, Victoria Falls raped the minors aged six and eighty before infecting them with HIV after the children visited the couple from Ndlovu rural area of the resort area last December.

In December, the accused took advantage of the absence of his wife, the two girls’ mother and raped the two juveniles.

The accused then threatened the tots not to report the sexual abuse to anyone.

The matter came to light when the two girls had a difficulty in walking and were complaining of having pain on their privates.

Their aunt and grandmother examined the two girls after noticing that they had difficulty in walking. The tots then narrated the ordeal.

After the rape was exposed, the rapist connived with the children’s mother to conceal the truth by forcing the minors to implicate a neighbor who was arrested and detained sometime in January.

The children’s status was revealed after the neighbor’s arrest.

The culprits live together in the resort town, while the tots lived with their maternal grandmother in the rural area a few kilometers outside the town.

Hwange Regional Magistrate Collet Ncube remanded the pair in custody to a later date this week.