Latest: Mugabe flies Doctors to Venezuela, UN General Assembly

Pictured: Mugabe's Emergency Medical Kit

Ailing Mugabe travels with doctors, first aid team to summit

Tim Moyo|Charles Mabhena

Zimbabwe’s leader, President Robert Gabriel  Mugabe left the country for Islha Margarita, Venezuela last night.

Mugabe is due to attend the 17th Non-Aligned Movement Summit(NAM) with other leaders from more than 100 countries.

He leaves behind a troubled country plagued by economic woes, demonstrations and strikes.

Mugabe and his wife Grace travelled with more than a dozen team of medical doctors and emergency first aides. The first family now travels with state of the art medical equipment due to President Mugabe’s advanced age and deteriorating health.

First Lady, Grace, had also been rumoured to be unwell lately due to colon cancer illness.

The host country Venezuela is in the throes of a crisis occasioned by worsening economic situation caused by oil recession.

Formed in 1961 as a bold statement to the then existing attempt to create a bipolar world divided between the west and eastern bloc, NAM espoused the establishment of a new international economic order in which all nations were equal.

It is the largest international organisation after the United Nations, and its Summit this year takes place on the eve of the 71st session of the UN General Assembly in the US.

President Mugabe will fly out from Venezuela to the United States next week to attend the United Nations General Assembly.