Mugabe deploys CIO, army, to Midlands-Matebeleland mines

Tinashe Zisengwe

In a move that is likely to send shock waves in the mining sector, the Zimbabwe government is planning to deploy massive feared state security agents from the Central Intelligence Organization(CIO) and the national army in order to curb violence cases which are on the rise, an official has revealed.

Mines and Mining Development Minister Walter Chidakwa speaking at Mimosa Mines on Friday said his ministry has engaged the state security agencies to assist them in curbing violence cases which are reported to be in the increase in the mining industry.

“Violence in the mining sector is worrisome especially in Gold mining areas in Midlands and Matebeleland South. Murder cases are on the increase, l warn those involved to stop now as we have engaged CIO’s and the army to invade the mines as soon as possible,” said the Minister.

Chidakwa added that they will do anything possible to stamp out that menace as they do not tolerate violence as it threatens the peace and stability of the nation.

This comes at a time when this publication, ZimNews, correctly reported recently that more than 700 artisanal miners have been seriously injured in Shurugwi’s ensued machete wars that frequent Shurugwi gold fields.

According to statistics gathered from an impeccable source at Shurugwi District Hospital, 732 artisan miners were injured between the period January 2016 and January 2017.

Members of the police force argue that 96% of the machete assaults have not been reported hence making it impossible for the police to compile the number of machete war victims.

Commenting on the violence that mares Shurugwi mining gold fields, Shurugwi Chairperson for Small Scale Miners Mr Isaac Chibendera bemoaned the violent situation prevailing at wanderer Mines.

“The situation surrounding Machete wars at wanderer gold field is a cause for concern, I got more than 500 artisanal miners injured last year only at the mine, and most of the cases have not been reported to the police.

“The artisanal miners do not report the violence perpetuated against them , instead they take the law into their hands by taking revenge on their persecutors hence skyrocketing the number of people injured by machetes at the mine every month, ”said concerned Chibendera

Chibendera also requested police intervention to end the rampant maiming of artisanal miners during the much brutal machete wars.

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police must take action and arrest anyone found in possession of a machete, the mining profession does not require any weapon, and artisanal miners only use pick and shovels those found with machetes must face the long arm of the law.”

Speaking on the same note Chibendera said, the artisanal miners who are perpetuating the machete war are enemies of the state, the Head of State President Robert Mugabe empowered Zimbabweans citizens through mining hence those who perpetrate violence are detractors of the Zimasset.

In separate interviews,  machete war victims disclosed that they would not report their cases to the police as they fear for their lives.

“I was axed three times twice on the head and once on my hand by a mafia group nicknamed Chaftan but could not report the matter to the police since they threatened to kill me if I did.

“As a way to get medical assistance without a police report I lied and told the medical staff that I had a mine accident,” said an artisanal miner who identified himself as Conwell Ncube.

Another artisanal miner who identified himself as Joseph Mabasa had his palm cut during a gold grab fight said he could not report the matter to the police since he had a case pending with the police. 

“My palm was cut by the Barca mafia group as revenge for their member I had beaten in a beer hall fist fight, I could not go to the hospital for medical assistance since they require a police report hence I sought the help of a private doctor who treated me,” he said

Just like a clip from violent movies involving the mafia or gangster wars, open fights and machete wielding panners chasing each other on the streets in broad daylight has become a common feature in Shurugwi. zimnews.NET