Mugabe flies into Zimbabwe political fire storm

Feuds and speculation welcome President Mugabe at Harare Airport

Charles Mabhena

Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe’s two months absence from the country fueled speculations and heated acrimony in his now divided party ZANU-PF.

Mugabe left the country in December to an undisclosed holiday destinations in the east, amid a multitude of challenges that included the non-payment of bonuses to civil servants, protests over the introduction of the bond notes and the succession issue in his party.

Mugabe who is plagued by perennial health issues flies back with many Zimbabweans eager to know how well he looks like after this two months sabbatical leave.

But it is the succession issue that will fly into his face as he touches base at the Harare International Airport, amid reports that some had already started calling themselves bosses while he was away.

For the better part that Mugabe has been away, a fierce exchange of words has raged in the print as well as electronic media where camps in the party have sized each other up on who was to take over if Mugabe unceremoniously departs from power.

A damning statement was one made by Technology, Tertiary and Higher Education Minister Jonathan Moyo who declared in a newspaper interview that he does not and will not support vice President Mnangagwa’s ascendancy to the presidency.

This was in response to Mnangagwa gaffe where he was pictured having a drink from a cup labeled “I am the Boss”. His nemesis took it for him declaring himself the next heir apparent.

The matter  also romped in deposed former Mashonaland East ZANU-PF chairperson, Temba Mliswa who charged that it was surprising that Moyo himself had previously wanted Mnangagwa to take over from Mugabe, during the Tsholotsho Declaration which he masterminded in 2004.

Mliswa instigates that Moyo even went as far as accusing ZANU PF of tampering with its constitution so that Joice Mujuru would be raised into the presidium ahead of Mnangagwa.

Mliswa went on to label Moyo a security risk for allegedly attacking the army, the war veterans, and the country’s security as a whole.

He claimed that it is Moyo himself who wants to be the country’s other VP.