Mugabe should abide by the law- Prof Moyo

Charles Mabhena

In politics it is said ‘there are no permanent friends/ enemies, but permanent interests, President Robert Mugabe during his birthday interview put his weight behind fraud accused big wigs, particularly Jonathan Moyo, despite that sweet talk by his boss, Moyo stick to his position, says Mugabe must abide by the law.

The Higher and Tertiary Education minister could be smiling that Mugabe is on his side when his boss recently rubbished the allegations he is facing as fabricated and cheap talk, as happy as he could be from such sweet remarks, Moyo strongly disagrees with Mugabe’s idea to amend the constitution so that he gets the power to singlehandedly pick a Chief Justice of his choice.

Moyo was commenting on the appointment of the next Chief Justice, in response to a story in today’s Herald headlined ‘Malaba to act as Chief Justice,’ says it is illegal for Mugabe to act any other way but to follow the law.

The Herald reports that it was not clear which route the President would take to appoint new Chief Justice as they are two legally permissible processes in place, but, Moyo says no the processes being proffered are illegal.

Moyo laughs on the announcement as a joke; “Haha. Purported announcement that ‘Malaba to act as CJ’ is a spin. President only has one option: To follow the law!” He twitted.

Moyo have been vocal against the twisting of the judicial process in order to give Mugabe power to appoint the CJ, saying the current constitution’s provision regarding the appointment of the top judge have to be followed.

“A court cannot rely on an unsigned memo and draft Bill to stop a constitutional body from performing its constitutional duty. Scandalous!” he slammed recently in relation to the efforts by Mugabe to change the current CJ appointment law procedure.

Moyo’s comments resonate well with the citizens’ wishes as evidenced by people’s comments from the ongoing and countrywide public consultations by the parliamentary portfolio committee on justice and parliamentary affairs headed by Ziyambi Ziyambi.

This committee is gathering the people’s views on the matter, and it is being reported that citizens are in massive rejection of the idea to change the constitution provision in question.

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