MSU guard begs in campus toilet

Tinashe Zisengwe

A starved Midlands State University security guard is lucky to be out of cells after he was forgiven over allegedly attempting to rape a fellow workmate during night shift in the campus toilets.

Samuel Bwende a guard at the institution’s main campus, Gweru, who was in the habit of demanding for sexual intercourse from female security personnel recently ran out of luck after he was reported by Christine Sibanda whom he pestered for sex while on duty.

MSU Campus police officer in charge Inspector Patrick Chademana confirmed the shameful incident to the press.

“Yes there was such a case at the institution, but the woman who reported it dropped the charges so there was nothing we could do,” said Chadamena.

Speaking with the naughty guard, Bwende, he was rather evasive saying he was on leave for more than one and half months.

“I don’t know that issue, l have been out of work for more than a month now. I was in Binga enjoying my leave days. I only know of other security guards who are on suspension for allegedly stealing funds from a campus association,” he said.

An impeccable source alleges that Bwende was not only in the habit of pestering for sex from Sibanda but numerous female workmates while on night shifts.

“He followed Sibanda to the toilet at about 05:00hours where he attempted to rape saying he wanted to anoint her with his manhood. However, she turned down his offer and reported the infidel to their chief inspector Chademana” said the source.

Bwende has since apologized to Sibanda for the way ward behaviour.

The source further alleges that on several occasion other Security female employees have tried to report the abuse to no success, at some point the victims are said to have been threatened never to report the abuse to the police as they risked losing their jobs.

Sibanda could not be reached for a comment as her mobile number was unreachable.