MSU female students reject condoms

Shakespeare Muzavazi

In a shocking revelation Midlands State University (MSU) female students are reported to be rejecting the female condoms which were recently introduced by the Zimbabwe National Family Planning Council at the state institution, a health official has revealed.

MSU nurse Rhodha Banda speaking at ZNFPC Gweru office last week said, “The female students say the femidom is not comfortable, very complicated and is time consuming to put on compared to the male condom.”

The sister in charge said they are engaging ZNFPCso that they can hold awareness campaigns at the institution educating as well as encouraging the use of the femidom.

In an interview with Panashe Dzvene, MSU second year student, she said it is embarrassing for a girl to wear a condom as it has negative connotations in this contemporary society.

“If a female wears a condom especially at tertiary institution like MSU partners will label you as people of loose morals (mahure), but it is much easier to request the opposite sex to put it on,” she said.

According to statistics released by ZNFPC in every 40 male condoms used,  only one femidom was used, showing that female students are failing to embrace the femidom.

The female condom was introduced by Population Services International Zimbabwe in 1997 after women and Aids Support Network (WASN) advocated for its introduction in Zimbabwe market.