Mob justice for man caught raping a minor


By Malvern Machawi-Tembo

Gweru- a 26 year old man has been sentenced to four years in prison after he was convicted of attempting to rape minors on two different occasions

Obey Zulu of Fundira village under chief Nhema, Shurugwi, appeared before Gweru Magistrate Musaiona Shotgame facing charges of attempted rape.

Zulu met the first minor from Makotore village with her cousin walking from school and asked her for directions to Machacha bottle store.

He, however decided to walk in the same direction as the two minors. He suddenly grabbed the minor whom he dragged to a nearby thicket where he tried to forcibly have sex with her before the cousin brother to the complainant showed up and Zulu aborted his criminal mission.

When the two cousins arrived home, they narrated the whole ordeal to their mother who then reported the matter to the police.

As fate would have it, Zulu went for a second mission where he was caught red handed with his pants down trying to sexually abuse another minor behind a bush at Chachacha growth point, villagers who caught Zulu vehemently bashed him before dragging him to Tongogara police station where he was eventually arrested.

After her ruling,  Magistrate Shotgame said, Zulu was supposed to protect these young kids instead of sexually molesting them, hence from this criminal behavior he deserves to go to prison so that others will learn not to commit such heinous crimes.

This event comes after Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango made shocking claims that all males are potential rapists.

Simango made the claim as she warned parents from leaving any girl child under the care of male relative this Easter Holidays.

“We want to reiterate that every male is a potential rapist and as such we want to urge the public not to leave the girl child under the guardianship of male relatives.

“We also want to urge the youths not to indulge in activities that may endanger their lives,”  Simango told state run Chronicle.