‘How Mnangagwa broke Majonga’s spine confining him to a wheelchair’

Victim: Former journalist Godfrey Majonga

Mnangagwa gave Majonga two choices, either to sit on a hot stove or to jump out of third floor window

I would like to know why they were silent about the Godfrey Majonga tragedy which happened in the 80s. Why suddenly pushing Majonga around? Are we also going to see Gukurahundi victims lined up to shame Ngwena?

Details are emerging of how Robert Mugabe’s preferred successor Emmerson Mnangagwa caused debilitating life injuries to rising television star Godfrey Majonga, ending his broadcasting career.

War veteran and former ZBC employee Milner Chaka told Now Daily’s undercover reporter exclusively that Mnangagwa and Majonga clashed over the late television news anchor Tsitsi Vera. Vera’s family now blames Mnangagwa for the incident, which plunged her into alcoholism, drug abuse and wild sexual behaviour, which resulted in her premature death from AIDS.

Chaka was with Majonga on the night in 1987 when the incident happened. According to Chaka, Majonga and he visited Vera at her apartment in Avondale. Apparently the married Majonga was having an adulterous affair with Vera. As the pair were meeting Vera, Mnangagwa suddenly appeared.

Narrating the ordeal, Chaka said Mnangagwa immediately flew into a rage. The then feared state security minister, now justice minister and vice president ordered his bodyguards to switch on a stove. When it was red hot, the furious Mnangagwa gave Majonga two choices, either to sit on the hot stove or to jump out of a third floor window. Majonga was thrown out of the flat and landed on hard concrete, breaking his spine and suffering injuries which would confine him to a wheelchair for life.

Upon realising they had badly injured him, they allegedly took Majonga to another block of flats where his best friend Chris Somo lived and dumped him there. He was found early in the morning by residents of the flats, among them, Somo.

The former energetic radio and television personality and Lonrho Zimbabwepublic relations executive Majonga, is now confined to a wheelchair Harare. Doctors say he will not be able to walk again.

Majonga lives with his Ugandan-born wife Grace who has been with him through thick and thin.

She vividly remembers the day when tragedy happened.

“When the tragedy that befell Godfrey and the family happened, I can say I wasn’t really a born-again Christian. I was very young, only 31 years old, and been married for seven years. I had two little girls – Caroline my eldest had just started Grade 1 and Fungisai, the little one, had not started school,” she said.

This tragedy happened overnight. One day, things are going on well and the next day I woke up to this tragedy.I don’t know if this was how God called me. I remember that the first thing that I did was to call upon God. I cried out, oh my God, what am I going to do,” she added.

Meanwhile, President Mugabe has mentioned that he is aware of the issue and is expecting his once feared deputy to give his side of the story after a cabinet minister published a report linking the Midlands Godfather to the Godfrey Majonga incident.

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