MDC-T youth assembly rubbishes Mugabe’s 21st february movement

By Shakespeare  Muzavazi

The movement for democratic change youth league has rubbished the celebration of the 21st February movement as utter madness since Mugabe’s rule has caused a lot of turmoil on Zimbabwe’s economic, political and social  frontiers.

The press statement issued to this reporter by MDC-T Youth Assembly Spokesperson Mr Brian Dube today read, there is nothing to celebrate at all on the 21st February Nothing good for Zimbabwe from this day. What the day reminds us is:

1) Gukurahundi-the man born on this day killed over 20 000 Zimbabweans.

2) Corruption- the man born on this day is the 1st Secretary and commander-in-chief of corruption in this country.

3) Poverty-the man born on this day is responsible for extreme poverty in our people

4) Unemployment- the man born on this day destroyed all industry and caused over 90% unemployment in Zimbabwe.

5) Murambatsvina- the man born on this day is a destroyer of homes and cause of homelessness in this country.

6) Violence- the man born on this day is the holder of degrees in violence and has perpetrated violence in both rural and urban settlements in Zimbabwe.

7) Dictatorship- the man born on this day is cruel and has remained  in power in Zimbabwe for decades against the will of the people.

8) Failed State- the man born on this day destroyed the fibres of gvt and turned state institutions such as police, army and CIO into oppressive machines against the people they are supposed to protect.


9) Division- the man born on this day failed to build a nation as he turned a beautiful and prosperous nation into a racial, tribal and ethnic country.

10) Inequality and injustice- the man born on this day perpetuated inequality by pursuing nepotism and regionalism in the administration of this country. He has caused unlawful arrests, abductions and persecutions of innocent Zimbabweans.


The message to you President Mugabe is that We are not celebrating with you. Please go peacefully and allow us to rebuild our nation


Brian Dube

MDC-T Youth Assembly Spokesperson

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