Gutu woman caught pants down, asks hubby to join the action

Married woman gives hubby $1 divorce token after he refuses threesome

Fungayi Moyana

In a bizarre incident that left many Gutu residents speechless, a married woman did the unthinkable by sneaking in her boyfriend in the presence of her husband and inviting her hubby to join in the illicit affair.

Matilda Matozora, a 29-year-old bar attender at Mupandawana Growth in Gutu acted like a ‘p0rnstar’ when after work she sneaked inside the house with her boyfriend Norman Muziri while her husband was bathing.

Not wasting much time the two started getting cozy kissing and caressing removing each other’s clothes and started to engage in sexual intercourse inside the family bedroom.

Manuel Matozora the husband was busy bathing and after that went straight to the bedroom.

When he opened the door, he got the shock of his life to find his wife pants down while another man was on top of her.

 To add insult upon injury she invited him to watch or join in for a threesome.

Not believing his eyes the husband walked away and Norman the boyfriend fled from the house through the bedroom window.

Matilda got dressed and followed her husband and offered him $1 dollar as a divorce token.

Matozora is in a polygamous relationship as he has three other wives and is alleged to have introduced Matilda to the other three as the fourth wife.

The matter was reported to the police by Manuel and Muziri is to appear in court by the end of April.