Man stri-pped nak-ed by angry female vendors

Shakespeare Muzavazi

Cameras would not stop rolling at an armature Shurugwi thief who got the shock of his life after being striped nake-d by female vendors for pinching second hand trousers at a bale market.

Pedzisai Chasi of Makusha high-density suburb took advantage of the meddling crowds at Shurugwi’s Huya Uhodhe Market and snatched second hand trousers which he wore on top of a white jean he was wearing.

Immaculate Darara a witness to the comical and yet criminal act told this reporter that, “Pedzisai pretended to be a potential customer trying out some clothes, after some time he slipped away only to be seen by another female vendor identified as Mai Taku who blew the whistle resulting in Pedzisai’s capture.

“When Pedzisai was caught he pretended to be drunk but the Huya Uhodhe  women would not buy his pretence, they went on to remove the canvas trousers that he had stolen, as if that was not enough the women stripped him naked before he was rescued by his two friends who dragged him into a nearby building,” said Darara.