Shurugwi man snatches pastor’s wife, flees to SA

Congregant impragnates church leader’s sex starved madam, takes off to South Africa

Shakespeare Muzavazi

All sanity has vanished into the dust of debauchery in Shurugwi where the dogs have now got the right of way,this is evidenced by the recent uncouth event of a congregant who snatched his pastor’s wife before fleeing to South Africa.

Pastor William Svinuke of the Apostolic church of Africa was left shell shocked after his wife Silvia Moyo ran away with one of his congregant Tapiwanashe Chikumbiro.

Pastor Svinuke told this reporter that he suspected his wife was cheating him with one of his church members, but had no incriminating evidence to take action against the two.

“I had vehement suspicions that my wife was in an extramarital affair with Chikumbiro who always showered my wife with various expensive gifts.

“Chikumbiro bought me a Mazda 3 on my appreciation day and I thought it was just a gift to me as his Pastor, but now after he has taken my wife away, I now realize that he was a wolf in sheep’s  clothing,”explained pastor Svinuke.

Another impeccable source who is also a friend to the Pastor’s wife confessed to have knowledge about the extramarital affair but could not divulge the secret since she was bribed with a residential stand.

“I knew that Silvia was in a three  year relationship with Chikumbiro, she even told me that their  one year three months old daughter was not the Pastors paternal  child but Chikumbiro’s.

When i found out about the abomination i wanted to tell the pastor but Chikumbiro and Silvia bribed me with a residential stand at the newly developed Magakushla Estate in Shurugwi.

When reached for comment through the telephone, Silvia divulged that the pastor could not satisfy her sexually and also the man of God had no time for her.

I left him because he could not perform well in bed, he over focused on his Christian life neglecting my sexual desires .

Silvia also confessed that she never loved Svinuke but her parents forced her into matrimony with the man  as they deemed it right.

“I was forced to marry Svinuke by my parents, I never loved him, my parents deemed it right to marry the man,” confessed Silvia

Chikumbiro denied to comment and told this reporter to scribe what was true about the matter.