Sex starved widower rapes neighbour’s wife, jailed 16 years

By Shakespeare Muzavazi

Things have fallen apart in Rugara village under Headman Gangira in Chiundura where a sex starved widower has been sentenced to 16 years in prison for raping his neighbour’s wife.

Steward Ticharwa Ncube (36) brought Gweru court to a standstill when he appeared before Magistrate Morgan Nemadire facing charges of rape as defined in section 65 of the Criminal Law [Codification and reform] Act.

The court heard that on September 11 2016, at around 2230 hrs at Rugara village, Ncube who knew that the complainant was alone since her husband had travelled to Karoi on a business trip, unlawfully entered into the complainant’s house where she was fast asleep.

The accused went on to grab the complainant by the neck and pressed her down. The complainant tried to scream for help but Ncube overpowered her.

Ncube removed the complainant’s undergarments before raping her twice.

He threatened to kill the complainant if she told anyone of the evil happening; Ncube further ordered the complainant to remain in her house as he would return to check on her.

After Ncube had gone the complainant went to report the mater at Chiundura police station, this led to the arrest of Ncube.

Although Ncube pleaded not guilty to the rape charges, the court found overwhelming evidence against him.

Magistrate Nemadire sentenced Ncube to 16 years imprisonment of which two years were suspended on condition that he does not commit a similar offence in the next five years.


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