DRAMA: CIO agent catches wife pants down with ‘Jehovah’s Witness’ man

Shakespeare Muzavazi

A mischievous Zvishavane man has proved beyond any shadow of doubt that he is Zimbabwe’s dumbest cheat, after he claimed to be a Jehovah’s Witness congregant subsequent to being caught on a sexual excursion with the wife of a Central Intelligence Organisation(CIO) agent.

There were episodes of free drama in the low density suburb of Eastlea in Zvishavane on Saturday afternoon, when Wilson Mapande (23) rocketed from Victor Shangwa’s house screaming “I am a Jehovah’s witness please don’t kill me I was just preaching to her please”.

After the loud shouting by Mapande who was being whipped with a fishing rod by Shangwa, residents from the neighbourhood gathered around Shangwa’s house in order to understand what was transpiring.

Chronicling the funny and yet cumbersome ordeal, Charlton Tshuma, an eye witness to the event said, “the fiasco began when Shangwa who used to work in the President’s Office returned from work and hooted for his wife to open the gate but he got no response until he came out of the car and opened the small gate to gain entrance into his house.

“After opening the gate, Shangwa proceeded to the kitchen where he found his wife’s underwear on the floor, when the wife heard noises in the kitchen she then shouted ‘who is it’ but Shangwa was already in front of the two who were heavily sweating.

“Instantaneously, Shangwa asked the two what was going on but the wife remained mum, Shangwa asked again with a hammering voice, that is when Mapande claimed that he was a Jehovah’s witness preaching the good news of the lord to the woman.

“The scene was very much suggestive that some hyper activity had taken place, this prompted Shangwa to grab his fishing rod from the wall which he used to vehemently bash Mapande.

“That is when Mapande rocketed out of the house screaming I am a Jehovah’s witness please don’t kill me, this drew much attention from the neighbours and we went out to see what was transpiring,” narrated Tshuma.

A maid from the neighbourhood who knows Mapande said he is from Kandodo area in Zviashavane and is not affiliated to any church.

She said he is not a congregant of the Jehovah’s Witness church.

After receiving mob justice and severe beating from the man who once worked in the Office of the President, Mapande was dragged to Zvishavane Police Station where he was later released after being warned and cautioned. zimnews