Man catches wife in compromising position demands lobola

Tinashe Zisengwe

Shock waves sprung down the spine of a Mberengwa man who recently caught his wife having sex with another man in their marital bed.

Enduro Shoko who hails from Chief Chingoma’s area caught his spouse Agison Mataga being ‘screwed’ by another man from the same area.

Sources privy to the situation told The Sun news crew that Shoko had heard numerous reports of his wife having ‘Nichodimous’ visits from her lover while he is away.

The sources added that Shoko then hatched a plan to trap his adulterous wife.

“Shoko planned a fake journey whereby he told his wife that he was travelling to Mataga. A night passed without the male lover coming to the house. The following night at around 5pm, the male cheat then graced Shoko’s house for their one night stand,” alleged the sources.

Shoko who had been hibernating at a friend’s place then came only to find his wife moaning and groaning with pleasure.

“Shoko charged against the couple and in no time a large crowd had gathered to witness the unfolding drama. Shoko then drew a mental rod threatening to smash his wife and her lover. If it had not been for his friends who held him back we would have been having another story right now,” further alleged the source.

The matter was reported to Chief Chingoma who went on to hold a traditional court to settle the dispute.

The traditional leader ordered that the Shoko`s in-laws should pay him back the lobola.

“Jemu and Agson(Mataga`s parents) are to give Enduro Shoko his bride price back which is in the form of one beast and $622 which they charged him when he married his wife,” said Chief Chigoma.

The in-laws, however challenged the ruling and the matter was brought before the criminal courts where magistrate Avia Mataura re-enforced the ruling.