Magaya ‘predicts’ Mugabe death in 2017, Big crises in Zimbabwe

2017 Prophecy: Magaya predicts high profile death in Zimbabwe

Fresh from career threatening sex scandals of 2016, Prophet Water Magaya has made a career defining prophecy for 2017!

In his New Years Prophecy for 2017 done in front of thousands of followers and media practitioners, the Prophetic Healings and Deliverance(PHD) leader, Walter Magaya, has warned President Mugabe’s government of turmoil and death that will rock the country in 2017.

Magaya also warned few African governments(including Zimbabwe) to brace themselves for the unthinkable as masses will be forced to take law into their hands in the face of economic and political crises.

As if this was not enough, Magaya then delivered THE HIGH PROFILE DEATH MESSAGE that left people in shock!

“The Lord showed me death, but I can not speak about that here, there are so many journalists. I will only tell gold plus and platinum so that when it happens they will be witnesses to the matter,” Magaya told thousands of shocked listeners.

While many were left scratching their heads over the high profile name to face death in Zimbabwe, there were whispers that he meant the country’s 92-year-old President, Robert Mugabe.

This was also confirmed by three Bulawayo based platinum members who spoke to reporter Charles Mabhena on condition that their identities will not be revealed.

Munovhunzeiko ndimudhara Mugabe munozviziva wani [Why asking me, it’s Mugabe, you know it],” said a PHD senior official on condition of anonymity.

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Mugabe death rumours

Many Zimbabweans have however questioned Mugabe death predictions as cheap prophecy as there is strong likelihood that he is prone to natural death by virtue of old age.

Though Mugabe has been a victim of false death prophecies on many occasions in the past, his death in 2017 will have a monumental impact on the prophet.

Asked about his views on the prophecy, a top government official who attended the Magaya event told this publication that ‘what happens at church stays at church, Zimbabwe government does not meddle in religious matters’.