Machete gangs chase mourners from funeral

Shakespeare Muzavazi
Things have fallen apart, the police force can no longer hold, mere anarchy has been loosened upon the mining town of Shurugwi where machete wielding gold panners recently chased away mourners from a funeral accusing them of killing their fellow artisanal miner.

A syndicate of artisanal miners led by Austin Muyambo yesterday chased away mourners who were attending Lawrence Matambanadzo’s funeral accusing them of murder.

An impeccable source who chose anonymity for fear of victimization disclosed that before attacking mourners at Matambanadzo’s funeral the syndicate OF ARTISANAL MINERS had a brief meeting at Uzeve-zeve bar in Railway block where they connived to go and beat anyone they come across at the funeral.

The source disclosed that he overhead Muyambo conniving with other syndicate members that everyone at the funeral must be beaten since some of the mourners were behind his friend’s death.

It is alleged that Lawrence had a dispute with his wife’s relatives before he died subsequent to being crushed by a rock at Wanderer mine, Lawrence had confided in Muyambo that if anything happens to him his wife’s relatives were to blame hence Muyambo went to dismiss everyone from the funeral threatening to strike them with machetes.

In an interview, funeral attendees chronicled their ordeal saying that they were shocked to see machete wielding artisanal miners threatening to kill them if they did not disperse from the funeral.
“Takangoona vanhu vachiuya vakabata mabhemba vakasheedzera vachirovera mabhemba pasi vachiti ndimi makauraya hama yedu ,takafunga kuti varikutamba pachikorokoza but vakatanga kudzinganisa madzimai aibika ndokupinda mumba umo makabuda vanhu vachimhanya vachikaviwa nevakomana vekuWhandara”. Translated we just saw people coming towards us holding machetes, they scrounged the ground with their machetes chanting that we killed their relative, we thought it was mere artisanal miner play but they chased away women who were cooking and entered the house where they kicked the people who were mourning in the house, everyone sprinted from the house in horror, said Mrs Makiwa, who could not come to terms with what had transpired.

Another victim of the horror attack who identified himself as Mr Tekera said he got the shock of his life when he was slapped with a machete and told to disappear from the funeral.
“I was perplexed when a dirty and scruffy artisanal miner slapped me with a machete and told me to disappear from the funeral unless I wanted to be killed”, explained Tekera.
This event comes in rapid succession with the eruption of a machete war in Shurugwi’s central business district which saw two artisanal miners being incarcerated and sentenced to 140 hours of community service. zimnews.NET