Dokora warned against being big headed, learn from Moyo

Lovemore Lubinda

The under fire Minister of Primary and Secondary Education Lazarus Dokora has been urged to have a level head and learn from other ministers who have managed change the face of their portfolios for the better such as Jonathan Moyo’s STEM.

Now being viewed as Zimbabwe’s probably most infamous minister by many, since coming to the helm of the primary education ministry, Dokora has proposed what Zimbabweans has described as outrageous acts and proposals.

The not new to controversy minister came under fire before parliament in2014 for the higher failure rates in schools and his inconsistency in education policy announcements.

He removed extra lessons, banned scripture unions in schools replacing it with the national pledge, banned incentives for teachers, and has recently been arraigned before the courts over alleged stealing an electronic application for online registration for from one entry.

Most recently he was on yet another; the teaching of subjects such as mathematics in vernacular languages. Some argue that the cash strapped government may not be able to retrain the teachers in line with the new curriculum, and how would the students be absorbed in the later stages of education.

While some of his proposals could be beneficial to the sector, mixed reactions have been expressed as to the timing and implementation, some alleging that he is rushing since the changes could be for a lifetime.

Doctor Pedzisai Ruhanya says Prof Moyo should help his colleagues to identify the problem before putting up policies, as what he did with STEM which is a good policy.

He says ZANU PF members and ministers should seek advice from the learned professor on public policy clarity and conceptualisation of issues.

“More specifically Education Minister Dokora should consult his colleague Moyo who is currently successfully carrying out the STEM program for policy clarity on the new curriculum,” he says.

Another social and political commentator Elder Mabhunu agrees that Dokora should avoid being big headed and learn best practices from others, who have done a bit better than him.

“He is developing a big head than his body. I recommend him to consult broadly than taking the portfolio as his tuck shop,” he says.

Meanwhile, the minister was yesterday grilled in the House of Assembly where MPs from across the parties alleged he was using this so-called new curriculum to replace Christianity with his Muslim and Islamic beliefs into the education system.

Dokora defended himself saying he was only broadening the curriculum.

After MP Jessie Majome had proposed that he produce a copy of the new curriculum to each MP so that scrutinise and see if it warrants implementing, the Speaker of the House of assembly Jacob Mudenda ordered him to organise a workshop where he would explain his ideas.


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