Jah Prayzah Launches Kutonga Kwaro Album + Songs

Kutonga Kwaro Garwe

Kutonga Kwaro Garwe comes to life

Have you ever heard the word “paraskevidekatriaphobia”? Never mind trying to pronounce it. It is a strange word indeed and it is found in the world of superstition, referring to the fear associated with Friday the 13th in some Western beliefs.

Kutonga Kwaro Garwe

And local musician Jah Prayzah seems unmoved with that strange word. In fact, instead of labouring to pronounce “paraskevidekatriaphobia” and getting worried about threats of unlucky events that some people associate with Friday the 13th, Jah Prayzah will be shouting “Kutonga Kwaro Garwe”, an album that he launches at the Harare International Conference Centre tonight. It will be the musician’s big day.

 is Jah Prayzah’s eighth album and it comes 61 weeks after the release of his previous album “Mdara Vachauya” that was launched at the same venue on August 12, 2016 with Tanzania’s Diamond Platnumz as the guest international performer. This time Jah Prayzah has invited Nigerian singer Davido, who is expected to grace tonight’s concert that will also feature musicians from Military Touch Movement.

Diamond Platnumz came after he had done “Watora Mari” with Jah Prayzah and, in similar fashion, Davido comes after their collaboration, “My Lilly”, whose video will also be launched tonight. Yesterday Jah Prayzah was ecstatic about the launch.

“The big day has come. Many people have been waiting for the album and I am happy that we will be unveiling it at HICC. It is great to have Davido with us at the launch. We worked well with him when we did the collaboration. We have planned to perform the collaboration and we know people will love it. We have done our best on the album and we hope our fans will like it.” agencies