Kasukuwere confesses as Mnangagwa punches harder

Zim Minister confesses to party corruption, fraud

Charles Mabhena

Embattled Zimbabwean Minister of Local Government, Saviour Kasukuwere has finally confessed that his party (ZANU PF) is dipping its hands in the state coffers in order to fund its programmes, this comes high on the heels of further investigations on him being driven by Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa on the illegal sale of ivory to China.

The new allegations come after the country lost more than 60 elephant in the national parks in 2015 through poisoning by cyanide, the killings seemed highly organised, and it was believed the syndicate may have included senior government officials. Kasukuwere had already passed the ministry of environment water and climate portfolio to Oppah Muchinguri, when the incident happened.

Speaking at a meeting to gather support for his party’s candidate for the Norton by elections late last week, Kasukuwere said ZANU PF will continue to use government funds to defend itself and its president from its detractors.

“We are the government in power, other foreign governments are using funds to try and remove us from power. ZANU PF will use government funds to defend itself and we are ready to go to (Chikurubi Maximum) prison for that.

“Come and arrest us now we are prepared to go to prison,” said Kasukuwere amid cheers from his party supporters.

He added that party supporters should not fear to defend its president and the party because it is the one which is ruling.

VP Mphoko speaking at the same event also said it is good to steal money from the state coffers as long as it is done in good faith to support ZANU PF supporters and its projects. The VP promised that no one will be arrested for assisting party supporters using state funds, adding that people are suffering and need help. He however, said it was not true that he went to Avondale Police station to remove suspects who had been arrested on corruption charges.