Man escapes jail, flees to prophet’s shrine

Blessings Chidakwa

A jail bird who escaped from two prison officers while fetching firewood in Chiundura with other inmates has his freedom  short-lived after he was rearrested the next day seeking deliverance from a local self-styled prophet.

According to documents which this reporter is in possession of, it is alleged that on March, 8th,  a prisoner named as Nyoni and other inmates were fetching firewood in Chiundura where he took advantage of the thick forest to escape from the officers who were keeping an eye on them.

A report was made at Lalapanzi police station and a manhunt was launched.

The fugitive Nyoni decided to consult a prophet from Johanne Masowe sect who has a shrine near Pfende, Chiundura.

An informer spotted him at the shrine and tipped the police force who masqueraded as Vapostori wearing white garments clothes on the pretext that they wanted to seek deliverance.

They then spotted Nyoni at the shrine and arrested him.

A witness who was at the shrine when the victim was arrested said the man of the cloth said the Holy Spirit had shown him that Nyoni planned to proceed and kill his wife.

The prophet identified as Madzibaba John, speaking to this publication said he had been pushed by the Holy Spirit to perform his duty as citizen by assisting the police.

Nyoni had been convicted in November 2015 for unlawful entry and theft and was sentenced to 28 months imprisonment at Whawha Prison.

Midlands acting police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Ethel Mukwende declined to comment and referred all the questions to Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services.

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