Hubby & wife exchange blows over anointed water


A man severely assaulted his wife recently after she threw away his bottle of ‘anointed’ water which he was given by a prophet as a solution to infertility.

The drama occurred at the couple’s residence in Buckernhill suburbs after the husband came home to find his special water missing.

The couple, whose identity has been protected,  has been married for three years but have not had a child, a challenge which, according to sources, forced the man to seek the services of a prophet who gave him the water.

The sources said his wife, however, has always opposed the idea of using anointed water as she strongly doubts the trustworthiness of modern-day prophets.
“Zvekuti takarwa haisi nyaya kwandiri but kuti takarwirei. I do not believe mutuporofita twamazuvano tunoreva nhema, iye ndakamuudza kuti enda hako ikoko asi ini handidi kuona zvinhu zvaunopihwa pano. Anonyeperwa kuti ndini ndine shavi rinoita tisabare vana,” the woman said after she was contacted for comment.

Her husband, on the other hand, refused to shed light on the matter saying he was not comfortable discussing his personal affairs with the media.
“I do not discuss family matters with reporters. Go write whatever you want because I know you are capable of doing that,” he said.

Another source, however, said the woman’s failure to conceive over the past three years had taken its toll on the couple as quarrels were now happening more often than not. agencies