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Photos, another dictatorship has fallen in Africa as Yahya Jammeh departs in style Today, former Gambian leader Yahya Jammeh arrived at the airport amid a large convoy of ...
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Thankless Stunner leaves heartbroken wife in tears Flashy Zimbabwe award winning hip hop singer Stunner Desmond Chideme has been dumped by wife Olinda Chapel. In an emotional video, ...
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Children perish in xmas inferno, family survivors in critical condition Epworth Harare: 2 five-year old children were burnt and killed by petrol fire while 4 older people from same ...
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zimbabwe soldiers killed by renamo rebels in mozambique latest news, pictures, is it true
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Zimbabwe National Army(ZNA) has been deployed on the Mozambique border to fight RENAMO bandits, former Defence Minister and Acting President Emmerson Mnangagwa has said. Renamo rebels have been ...
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Grace Mugabe Loses US$1,4 ‘dirty diamond war’ at Zim High Court Zimbabwe’s controversial First Lady, Doctor Amai Grace Mugabe  has been humiliated by a Harare High Court judge ...
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Zanu PF cannot effectively fund its election manipulations using the US dollar because of its scarcity Charles Mabhena| When Zimbabwe opposition parties see President Robert Mugabe dozing in meetings, ...
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Grace’s Son, Russel, and son-in-law Simba Chikore,  invade dealer’s homes, threaten him with violence Zim court told about Grace Mugabe’s Dubai private bank account HARARE: Zimbabwe First Lady ...
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Mugabe feared Rex more than any other ZANU PF member… the only way of dealing with him was to eliminate him Charles Mabhena The concept did not make ...
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Bond notes: The Making of an Ignoramus The New Zimbabwe Money is a  Scam “This time, as was last time, the people scamming you are not Robin Hoods, ...
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Following the rehabilitation of pro-Mnangagwa war veterans, back into Zanu last week, it has been revealed by Spotlight Zimbabwe that President Robert Mugabe, is officially not going to ...
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