Gweru wife killer caught on a drinking spree

Tinashe Zisengwe

A ditched man who butchered his ex-wife to death before leaving her in a pool of blood at her place of residence was caught by Gweru Criminal Investigations Departmen(CID)t on Saturday morning

Dignity Masvimbo a gold pannier who stays in Greenvale was caught in the early hours of the day in Maboleni by a team of CID operatives, a team member has revealed.

The CID official who declined to be named said they caught the slayer on a drinking spree with his colleagues at a local bar in Maboleni.

Masvimbo who wanted to reignite a love affair with his ex-wife is reported to have come to Orripah Gapare’s (22) place of residence at Number 2167 Mkoba 14 at around 5 am where the duo quarreled for a longtime resulting with the killer dragging her outside the house, stabbing her with a knife on the stomach as well as both hands on her doorstep.

Speaking to ZimNews, mother to the deceased, Alice Mashayamombe, who had already gone to work when the horror occurred, said the ditched Masvimbo who impregnated her daughter while in form two and separated with her five years back was now demanding that they reunite.

She said her daughter was against the reunion move leading to her brutal murder.

‘‘l had already gone to work and was taken aback to receive a call that my daughter was murdered in front of our doorstep.

“I never thought that my in-law would do such a thing especially considering that there has never been any serious conflict between the two since their separation although Masvimbo sometimes would accuse my daughter for sleeping around with other man,’’ said the mother tears on her cheek.

Gapare’s 91 year old blind grandmother Hamundidi Mashayamombe who heard the events unfolding said the slayer came in their bedroom and she only remembers hearing screams from the kitchen door.

The grandmother is alleging that Gapare might have been choked first before being murdered as she did not hear any screams besides the one at the kitchen door.

Neighbours are reported to have been the ones who witnessed the deceased’s body and informed the grandmother that Gapare was lying dead in a pool of blood, a source said.

The deceased’s body was taken to a local mortuary by the police at about 12 noon.