Wife(24) drowns self in river after catching hubby pants down with hooker

Tinashe Zisengwe

A Gokwe woman (24) caught her husband red handed in a compromising position with a thigh vendor last week and failed to stomach living with such memories, drowning self in a local river.

The Gokwe community is still in the crucibles of confusion over the matter, as the cheating husband Tafadzwa Mabonga is reported to have suddenly got mad the moment he received the sad news that his wife (Runyararo Hove) had committed suicide.

A well-placed source has it that it appears that Runyararo decided to drown self, leaving her one year old baby after catching her husband having quality time with another woman.

The problem wasn’t so much that he was cheating, but it’s who he was cheating with, and that was a renowned hooker in the area who is also reported to be pregnant by the man.

Early in the day, the woman had gone out shopping and returned home to a horrible and shocking sight.

According to sources, the woman ended up walking into her home where she caught her husband having sex with the woman. She quickly realized that he was cheating on her with a hooker.

Shortly after finding the two together, she learned that her husband was the same man who got the thigh vendor pregnant as well. It all ended up being too much for her, and she couldn’t stand to live anymore.

Local villagers reported that the woman went to a nearby river where she drowned herself.

Reports are also that the woman’s relatives bewitched the husband to be mad as part of avenging the loss of their beloved.

The local Chief Chireya confirmed the tragedy.

“It is very sad that we lost a couple in a suspected case of infidelity. I urge the community to resort to other measures of solving problems other than suicide,” he said.  



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